Saturday, January 17, 2015

Introducing Lexi Lee

Lexi was born on November 5 at 7:24 am, almost 24 hours after getting to the hospital the day before. I was 41 weeks pregnant when I went in to be induced. I had NO signs of labor at all. SO...I got all checked in on November 4th and the Dr. and nurses all thought it would go quick once I got meds going, but I knew better my body just likes to take its matter if third baby or not.

So I started with cytotec (to soften my cervix) since I was still 0 cm dilated at 41 weeks!  This is given every 4 hours and the Dr. wanted me to do two doses. SO it was a very long day of sitting in bed watching TV and movies. They wouldn't even let me walk around because they wanted to monitor the baby because of the meds. By 6:00 that night I was still maybe 1 cm dilated (pathetic!) but cervix was now "soft" so the Dr. started pitocin. I figured good lets get this going. I had to have pitocin with both my other births as well. I don't know what is wrong with my body, but I guess I need a little help! So, when this was started I started contracting and started having pain, but really not too bad at this point. I figured this would do it and maybe I would have Lexi that night, I mean still had 6 hours left in the day, but no such luck!

At about 10 or 11 (not too sure at this point)...Dr. checked me again and nothing!  Maybe 1-2 cm dilated that was all!  I was so frustrated and over it!  I got an epidural at this point and they gave me a sleeping pill. I went to sleep! At about 5:30 I woke up with LOTS of pressure. I knew things had finally progressed and that it would be soon. Even with the epidural I could still feel the contractions (not horrible) so I knew my body was finally cooperating! At almost 6:00 am the Dr. checked me again and I was 8.5 cm dilated....FINALLY! 

I was fine and mostly comfortable (love epidurals) so he told the nurses (who were all new, the new shift had just started). They all got things ready and going. By about 7:15...we were all ready to go and I was ready to push. Lexi was out in no time I think it was the second push...and she joined the outside world.....she was born at 7:24 am on November 5th, same birthday as her Papa. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 15 oz. and 20.5 in long. 

 Though a long process, she was an easy birth and I slept right through most of the hard part!  My friend Kasey (who was with us for a LONG part of the night before) was the first person (besides Josh and I) to hold her!

Then Gram and Papa made it to the hospital to visit and meet their 10th grandchild.

First Bath

 Proud Daddy...his 4th princess!

 I swear I was there! HA! Those are my feet in the yellow hospital socks!

More visitors. Josh's Aunt Cindy
 Nana and Grandpa Buck
 And of course...three very excited big sisters!

These are Lexi's newborn pictures that Kathy took. A few of my favorites are below.  She is two weeks old in these.

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